There are a lot of people who move into a house or home during vacation time. Such a house is often referred to as a holiday home or recreational home and is not permanently inhabited. The holiday home can be exactly tailored to the family, but there are also larger homes for 15 people. Some people have purchased such a house themselves, a short drive from the permanently inhabited house, preferably abroad. These houses are used a couple of weeks a year to take a holiday, but there are also people who spend the winter in warmer countries. Many people rent out their holiday home a few months a year to cover the costs. The often larger houses are often rented out by business institutions to larger groups of people. This can be in a warm country, but also for winter sports. All the facilities that one finds in an ordinary house are present in these houses. It is cheaper, also because you can cook and eat together. Finally, there are also people who change houses for a short agreed period. This to be able to hold a holiday in another place or even another country without rental costs. Special websites have been set up for this home exchange to register you and to get in touch with other people.

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